About us

South London Nappies is the working name of Croydon Real Nappies CIC which was formerly known as Croydon Real Nappy Network and became a Community Interest Company (CIC) in November 2017.


Our reusable nappy kits are made available to families in South London, though we currently receive no local authority or government funding.  If you wish to support us in our work please donate to us.  We accept donations of reusable nappies and accessories, and all money donated goes into supporting our services and keeping our hire fees lower than even the cheapest single use nappies.


We are unable to provide any vouchers or incentives to try reusable nappies, however if you wish to hire a kit and can't afford our charges we are able to subsidise a number of both standard and custom kits thanks to donations. Please get in touch with us to find out more.


We are affiliated with the UK Nappy NetworkReal Nappies for London, and Go Real.


Some other nappy libraries operate a postal loan service:  http://www.uknappynetwork.org/find-a-library.html


Have you had considered a laundry service? 

http://www.numberonefornappies.co.uk/ cover the whole of London and may be a good solution for you.


To buy nappies, you could try preloved nappy groups on Facebook which are admined by Nappy Librarians:

- Pre-loved Cloth nappies and accessories https://www.facebook.com/groups/256920634329397/
- cloth bum mums (cbm) sales (uk) https://www.facebook.com/groups/CBMSales/


If you are looking for an online community for reusable nappies:
- UK Cloth Nappy Libraries Nappy Natter https://www.facebook.com/groups/197471257685221/
- Team Mills Blog, a place where a Nappy Librarian shares her experience in an easily accessible way. https://teammillsblog.wordpress.com

- For a reviews of nappies and sustainable living check out  Aboderie https://aboderie.co.uk/


If you want to buy new nappies:
There are lots of wonderful online retailers,  such as https://www.nappyeverafter.co.uk/ and


Photo credits: S. Malik, S. Ojar, Go Real, S. Mairease, E. Pollard, S .Calcutt Cheadle, H. Gad, C. Bromley-Morgans, B. Farrow.